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Arianne Bellizaire, Perlick Ambassador of Cool

January 30, 2018

My Last Hurrah – For Now!

It has been a great honor and pleasure to serve as Perlick’s official 2017 Ambassador of Cool. I’ve truly enjoyed writing monthly blog posts showcasing Perlick's extensive product line and sharing ideas on how these products can creatively be incorporated throughout the home.

My role culminates this month with my final blog post, which draws back the curtains and reveals all the details about my design concept for Perlick’s KBIS 2018 kitchen vignette.


IMG 5149 4

The purpose of this vignette was to showcase Perlick's brand new suite of full-size products in a setting that also reflected the current trends I see dominating the design industry today.

No pressure!

In my last post, I shared some of the inspiration I used as I began to work on this exciting project. And now that the cat is out of the bag on the new products, I can share more details about my design.

So why did I name it “The Bold and the Beautiful?”

Like the soap opera bearing the same name, this vignette is full of drama, glamour, tension and unexpected twists.

Perlick is a 100-year-old company that has a rich history. And although the origins of this company’s story may elicit feelings of nostalgia (like the soap opera), these exciting new product introductions mean the company has positioned itself to remain a top player in the appliance industry for years to come.


Innovative New Products

Speaking of unexpected, before I tell you about the overarching trends I see dominating the kitchen design industry, I want to be sure to point out that this vignette was designed around three of Perlick's brand new product introductions!

The new 36” dual-fuel range,  24” column refrigerator and the 24" freezer.

Arianne product2

Perlick Refrigerator Column, Freezer Column and 36" Dual Fuel Range (Photo Credit - Perlick)

I also wanted to highlight one of my favorite undercounter Perlick products, the Sottile, which isn’t actually a new introduction, however its shallow depth makes it a brilliant addition to any designer’s toolkit.

HH24B 3 rgb2

Perlick Signature Series Sottile 18" Depth Beverage Center (Photo Credit - Perlick)


5 Trends Dominating the Kitchen Design Industry

Designing this “kitchen” was an interesting process because it was actually more of a “set” than a real kitchen.

That means I had to forgo some of the basic kitchen design layout considerations, such as the work triangle and optimal appliance placement in favor of a layout that presented well from the main aisle and drew attendees into the rest of the booth.

IMG 1175

Since I was given a pie-shaped foot print, I had to be strategic when thinking about where I wanted to place the appliances and how I could illustrate the trends in a way that makes sense.


1). Dark Color Palettes

Last month’s post clued you in to the first big trend: the shift toward dramatic and moody versus light and bright.

We’ve all seen our share of white kitchens, and although that look will always be timeless, I see kitchens embracing rich colors or boldly showcasing black as the dominant cabinet color.

In my vignette, all of the cabinets were finished in matte black except for the drawer fronts near the range. I chose to cover these in a high gloss off-white for contrast.

IMG 0990 3

2). Focus on Technology

The next trend I see dominating the market is high tech/SmartHome features.

Perlick’s products are definitely cutting edge, and the fact that this is a focus in home design right now means many of the features of Perlick’s products that aren’t necessarily visible (like the cool new Sous Vide feature on the range unit) are just as relevant to the consumer who is considering bringing this unit into their home.

When it came to choosing the perfect vent hood to help me illustrate the trend toward high-tech, I looked to my friends at Zephyr.

awam90abx zephyr arc collection 36 wave wall hood black 43

Wave Wall - Designer Collection (Photo Credit - Zephyr)

Zephyr’s Wave Wall vent hood is sleek and so futuristic-looking that many actually assumed it was a TV monitor.

IMG 893


3). Bold Backsplashes

Another big trend is the backsplash becoming a focal point in the kitchen. In my vignette, I used Crossville’s new large format wall tiles in three different ways to create a dramatic, color-blocking effect in a classic black, white and gold color combination.

Open shelving is all the rage in modern farmhouse-style homes, but I wanted to show that this trend can work in more contemporary spaces, as well. To do this, I used custom made shelves in the same shade of matte black as the cabinets and chose Rejuvenation shelf hardware in an antique brass finish to add a bit of sparkle.

IMG 0989 2

4). Unique Hardware

Hardware has become much more fun to incorporate into kitchen designs because there are so many more options to choose from. I’m noticing a trend toward hardware that has a fashion-influenced appeal.

I found Chicago-based hardware company Sietto while I was on the hunt for unique cabinet hardware—their gorgeous Skyline collection definitely fit the bill.

white sb

Sietto Affinity Cabinet Hardware (Photo Credit - Sietto)

Omnia, a company that I think of when it comes to door hardware also has an impressive collection of cabinet hardware and appliance pulls. Their 18” Modern Appliance Pulls were just the finish and scale I needed for the paneled refrigeration unit doors.

9025p 305 us4 max 720

Omnia Modern Appliance Pull (Photo Credit - Omnia)

5). Statement Lighting

The final dominant kitchen trend I highlighted in my vignette was statement lighting.Curry

The Coquette Chandelier by Currey & Co. (Photo Credit - Currey & Co.)

Currey and Company’s Coquette chandelier is a showstopper--one I strategically used to stop designers in their tracks--and the company’s Monument wall sconces added task lighting to the cook prep area and the bar display.

I love the way the vignette turned out, and am so thankful to Perlick’s team, Exhibit Systems, and all of my brand partners for making this design a reality.

Farewell for Now

Ending my stint as Ambassador of Cool is bittersweet. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to shine a light on this incredible company and its products over the past year.

However, I’m looking forward to continuing my relationship with Perlick as I specify their products for my client projects… and this Fall when I’ll be featuring their new collection of products in a stunning show house project.

So… you haven’t heard the last from me.

Stay tuned! ;)

To learn more about Perlick’s new full-size appliance collection, visit


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