October 1, 2018

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Four times the precision. Four times the preservation. Four times the performance.

Perlick’s new 24” Column Refrigerator leverages the company’s 100-year history of commercial-quality innovation in undercounter refrigeration and integrates precision engineering that enables the most intelligent, effective food preservation in the industry.

Featuring Perlick’s proprietary preservation system, QuatroCool, the new unit offers an industry-exclusive four separate zones of cooling with each zone maintaining temperature within one degree Fahrenheit of setpoint. Its custom-designed PerlIQ touch-screen control provides smart preset temperatures for each zone—including beverages deli, meat/fish and produce—with the ability to adjust higher and lower based on consumer preference.

Why four zones of cooling? Let us explain.

Different foods require different preservation conditions. Compartmentalizing the refrigerator into separate zones enables Perlick’s preservation system to direct fresh, precisely cooled air into each area. The air that flows into each zone travels through the air filter just before entering the compartment, as opposed to traditional refrigerator compartments that often share the same uncirculated air.

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Zone 1: Main Compartment

The largest of the four zones, featuring powerful, yet efficient, commercial-grade cooling, the main compartment offers ample storage for beverages, packaged and prepared foods. A durable slide-in stainless steel pan provides space for marinating and for storing pre-made appetizers or sous-vide packets. The refrigerator’s glass-front door bins enable easier access to condiments and more, while the frameless, spill-proof glass shelving utilizes an innovative, invisible barrier that ensures spills stay contained in one spot.

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Zone 2: Deli

Display fine meats and cheese in style and access them with ease in the Perlick refrigerator column’s push-to-open two-tier deli tray. Inspired by the spacious, glass refrigerated cases of upscale delicatessens, you’ll be transported to Europe every time you open the refrigerator door.

Since the fat content in dairy products has a tendency to absorb strong odors from other food items stored nearby, compartmentalization is key. Perlick’s deli zone stores dairy items at their ideal temperature of 36-39 °F and keeps fresh air circulating, preventing unwanted odors.

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Zone 3: Meat / Fish

This spacious drawer can accommodate a large roast or fish, or can be segmented into smaller compartments using the provided glass divider.

There’s a good reason fish and other seafood is kept on ice at the store. Fish spoils more quickly than most foods, and storing it just above freezing—a temperature that is far too cold for most other items in the fridge—extends its shelf life. Poultry items should also be stored at these frigid temperatures. Steaks, chops and other cuts of meat should be stored at 35-37° to keep them fresher for longer.

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Zone 4: Produce

While extremely important, temperature control is only one component of precise preservation. Perlick designed its new column refrigerator from the ground up, evaluating the storage requirements of various ingredients to develop technology that keeps ingredients fresher, longer. The unit’s innovative tip-out produce bin is a perfect example of this technology, demonstrating how ideal temperature, proper humidity levels and superior air quality combine to lengthen the life span and retain nutrients of produce. Because different types of produce require different storage conditions to prolong their shelf life.

Over the decades, traditional crisper drawers have not changed much. In fact, most modern-day crisper drawers are a derivative of the original design patented more than 60 years ago. Competitive luxury refrigerators rely solely on the use of a plastic slider to limit air flow and trap the moisture that naturally occurs in produce to create higher humidity conditions. However, in order for that system to work as intended the produce drawer needs to remain at least two-thirds full at all times and should not be opened and closed, qualifications that are not realistic.  

Perlick has made preservation much more precise by incorporating proprietary humidity control into its bin design. Instead of the traditional plastic slider to control humidity, Perlick allows the user to change the humidity level through the PerlIQ™ touch-screen control. The bin is electronically monitored by humidistats, and if levels begin to drop from the user’s setting, the unit has the intelligence to add the exact amount of real moisture back into the air stream to maintain the desired level.

In addition to humidity control, the innovative compartment features a dual filtration system. A carbon filter removes odors from the air, while an ethylene filter scrubs air of harmful ethylene gas, which accelerates the ripening process of certain vegetables, such as lettuce. All of these features combine to make Perlick’s proprietary preservation system the most advanced on the market.

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Sleek, Stylish Aesthetic

The new column refrigerator isn’t solely about function—it has both beauty and brawn, making it the ideal choice for trade professionals and consumers alike. Flooded with stunning, custom LED theater lighting, the new unit features Perlick’s signature stainless steel for the upper half of the interior and slate-black stainless steel for the lower half because it found the bright colors of fresh food popped off the dark background better than standard stainless or white.

Since Perlick column refrigeration was designed for both the preservation and display of fine foods, the company tested countless shades of white light to find the perfect shade that presents all foods at their best. Neutral with a hint of warmth, the carefully selected hue makes the vivid colors of fresh produce and rich tones of charcuterie shine, while ensuring product labels are easy to read.

Thanks to Perlick, consumers can now enjoy the restaurant chef experience in their own homes with commercial-grade, expertly engineered refrigerators that precisely preserve every ingredient. Stunning inside and out, the column offers exclusive preservation features not found in any other unit on the market.

For more information on Perlick’s 24” Column Refrigerator, contact your local distributor or dealer, or visit the product page on Perlick’s website.

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