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April 27, 2018

Designing an outdoor entertaining space is about both comfort and convenience, customized to meet each homeowner’s unique wants and needs. From seating and configuration options to appliances and other amenities, the options for customization are endless. Following are some considerations to keep in mind as you plan your next outdoor living project.


  1. Design for the elements – An outdoor space in windy Chicago is likely going to look and function differently that an outdoor space in steamy Miami. There countless ways to accommodate each geography’s unique environment while making the most of the outdoors.

    The Chicago space might incorporate large shrubbery on one side to help block wind coming from the northeast, or it might feature a fireplace that allows the homeowners to enjoy the space earlier in the spring and later into the fall. The Miami space might incorporate a covered area with built-in ceiling fan to provide relief from the sun and help circulate the air.

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    Photo Credit - Anthony Passananate/Anthony Albert Studio, Brian Klutch

  2. Selection of seating – When it comes to seating, people like options. Different seating areas can accommodate different needs and activities. Just like designing a space indoors, offering a variety of socializing spaces and seating options outdoors can help maximize guests’ enjoyment. For instance, adding bar stools to your outdoor kitchen facilitates socialization with the chef, while creating a conversation area with more comfortable seating near the outdoor fireplace will keep guests cozy late into the night.

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    Perlick 24" Signature Series Outdoor Beverage Center

  3. Luxury amenities – Nothing maximizes comfort like bringing indoor luxuries to your outdoor space. After a long afternoon swimming under the hot sun, imagine hopping out of the pool and walking just a few feet to grab an ice cold water or soft drink from the Outdoor Beverage Center. Go one step further by installing Outdoor Freezer Drawers to keep cold treats for the kids nearby and easily accessible.

    Other amenities to help maximize outdoor enjoyment could include an outdoor shower to allow for a seamless transition from pool to alfresco dining, or the addition of a TV with surround sound system so your guests don’t need to move inside when it’s time for the big game.



  1. Location, location, location – One of the biggest considerations for creating a functional outdoor living area is getting the flow of the space just right. Ideally, the outdoor kitchen is located right off the indoor kitchen, so the transfer of ingredients from indoors to out is quick and easy. Of course, the outdoor shower should be located near the pool, and the main socialization area will likely be somewhere in the middle where the various outdoor “rooms” converge in a convenient, centralized location.

  2. Custom configuration – When planning for efficiency outdoors, keep in mind not only who will be using the space, but also how they’ll be using it. The ideal configuration of an outdoor kitchen area can vary widely based on how many people will be using the space at the same time and what types of amenities will be included.

    For example, an island is good for creating a hub for entertaining, while keeping a single cook’s work space compact; an L-shape is good for two or more cooks and a kitchen with multiple amenities; and a U-shape works well for freestanding kitchens with a variety of appliances. The U-shape configuration is best suited to accommodate the traditional “kitchen work triangle” – a well-established concept for creating efficient kitchen layouts. Outdoors, this typically means the grill, sink and refrigerator are positioned in a way that if an imaginary line is drawn between the three, they would create a triangle.

    Perlick Outdoor Refrigerator/Wine Reserve

    Perlick 24" Signature Series Outdoor Refrigerator/Wine Reserve

  3. Outdoor kitchen amenities – From a built-in sink for easy clean-up to ice makers offering an endless supply of ice for chilled beverages, the most convenient outdoor kitchens feature all of the luxuries of an indoor kitchen—and more. Perlick’s Dual-Zone Refrigerator / Wine Reserve offers outdoor convenience with the best of both worlds. Featuring two independently controlled temperature zones, the unit provides flexible storage for food, beverage and up to 12 bottles of wine.

    If suds are preferred, incorporate an Outdoor Beer Dispenser to turn the back yard into a bar under the sun—no beer runs required. For added convenience while grilling, Perlick’s Refrigerator Drawers offer easy access to fresh ingredients. Finally, add accessories to outdoor refrigeration to create custom conveniences—from drawer dividers and pan trays for better organization to a martini rack to keep glasses frosty while entertaining.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, Perlick’s outdoor refrigeration solutions offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience with advanced cooling technology and sleek aesthetics to complement any outdoor space. The RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system chills product twice as fast as the leading competitor, which means enjoying perfectly chilled beverages faster, even on the hottest summer days. All Perlick outdoor refrigerators feature commercial-grade stainless steel interiors and exteriors, providing the most sanitary and durable surface available. Learn more about Perlick’s outdoor refrigeration solutions.

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