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November 6, 2018

Former Perlick ambassador and multi-talented interior designer, Arianne Bellizaire, shares the second in a series of posts that detail her latest project—the complete renovation of a show home, featuring a full suite of Perlick appliances.


I’m back and excited to provide an update on the progress of our show house renovation project.

In my last post, I shared some before photos of the house’s dated kitchen, our overall design plan and the Perlick products that will be on display in the sleek new gourmet kitchen.



First, we went through two rounds of demo in which we basically took the house down to its studs.

Kitchen Demo

The kitchen after two rounds of demolition!

Then, we tweaked our design plans as needed based on some of the inevitable challenges you encounter when you open the walls of an older home. Our team also adjusted plumbing and electrical placement based on the new kitchen footprint, ever mindful of the needs of our new appliances.

Once that was done, our framers and drywall crew came in to work their magic and the house finally started to look like a house again.

Drywalling the kitchen

Putting up drywall in the new kitchen.

You can learn more details about the design and demo process by checking out our web series where we are documenting the entire process!

The footprint of our kitchen is now quite open and welcoming due in large part to the fact that our newly converted powder-room-to-pantry provides so much storage as well as additional kitchen prep space.


Line drawing of the new kitchen

The master kitchen plan!

The “servery,” as we call it, is framed and has the new cabinets installed. In this area, we’ll have a Perlick dual-zone refrigerator/freezer drawer unit. This model is ideal for the pantry not only because it provides two types of cooling zones, but also because the drawers work better than a swing door given the tight space between cabinet units.

The new servery

Photo of the new servery

Our new Perlick range and refrigerator column units are the highlight of the renovated kitchen and we’re looking forward to soon putting them into the space. In the meantime, our cabinetry has already been installed, so you can really get a feel for where the kitchen is headed.

Kitchen with the new cabinetry installed.

Kitchen with the new cabinetry installed.

The Perlick cubelet ice maker is also a great addition to the kitchen because we’ll be able to enjoy chewable, nugget-shaped ice on a daily basis.


Perlick Cubelet Ice Maker

Perlick's 15" Cubelet Ice Maker

An area I haven’t mentioned previously, the master bath, is another space where you’ll find Perlick in our home. It will feature a coffee bar with a beverage center to hold bottles of water, coffee creamer and more.

The master suite coffee bar

Master suite coffee bar with Perlick refrigeration.

In the kitchen area we opted for stainless steel versions of each Perlick unit because we liked the idea of the stainless popping against the black cabinets in the pantry and kitchen island. We also wanted to keep the consistency of the steel from the range to the column units on the perimeter wall.

Perlick Appliance Lineup

Perlick 24" Column Refrigerator and Freezer, 15" Cubelet Ice Maker, 24" Dual-Zone Freezer/Refrigerator Drawers, 48" Dual Fuel Range

However, in the master bedroom, we chose a panel front door on the beverage center unit because we believe staying consistent with the custom design of the fluted doors on the surrounding cabinets will result in a more seamless look.

Overlay panel for Perlick beverage center.

Solid overlay panel for Perlick Sottile Beverage Center.


The kitchen we’ve been dreaming of will soon be a reality! In the meantime, here’s a rendering of what the finished space will look like.

Final Kitchen Design Rendering

A rendering of the completed kitchen!

You can continue to follow along on the progress of this project on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. And watch for my next Perlick blog post for the big kitchen reveal!

Arianne Bellizaire

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