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Perlick knows a thing or two about happy hour. Perlick’s commercial division is a favorite of bar owners and restaurateurs around the world, as Perlick has long been the premier bar and beverage equipment manufacturer in the industry. Below are five ideas to borrow from professional bars when it comes to designing your own home bar with Perlick undercounter refrigeration.

1.  Dispense Like the Pros – Trust Stainless Steel

Look behind a commercial bar. What’s the first thing you see? Most likely, it’s stainless steel, a staple of commercial bars and kitchens because of its durability and because it’s the most sanitary material available.

Not all home beer dispensers are created equal. Only Perlick offers stainless steel beer dispensers with stainless steel faucets. Perlick’s stainless steel faucets, available in standard stainless steel or stainless steel flow control models, feature a unique design that prevents beer from coming in contact with anything other than food-grade stainless steel.

2. Draught Beer – In Style

Another observation you’ll make in a commercial bar is that beer towers range from traditional to ornate. Add a touch of luxury to your home beer dispenser with Perlick’s exclusive Adara Beer Tower, available on Perlick single and two faucet Signature Series Adara Beer Dispensers. Featuring a bright chrome finish, soft curves, and matching chrome tap handles, Adara Beer Dispensers will make a bold statement in your home bar.

3. Cocktail Service

Cocktails are showstoppers for professional bars and restaurants. Look at the menu at your favorite establishment and they are bound to have a list of specialty house cocktails. These cocktails feature chilled spirits and fresh ingredients like fruit and herbs. Choose undercounter refrigeration to maximize your ability to make mixed drinks, such as a Refrigerator Drawers outfitted with a drawer pan organizer for prepping and storing sliced lemons, limes and olives for garnishes. Chill martini glasses by swapping out a standard refrigerator shelf with Perlick’s exclusive Martini Rack. Having the proper tools and convertible refrigeration can transform your home bar into something special. 

4. Don’t Forget the Ice!

Fine cocktails are served with specialty ice. Whether it’s a single large globe or perfect squares, you’ll notice they all share one this in common – they are clear. Most residential ice machines produce cloudy, crescent shaped ice. Cloudy is generally a sign of impurities in the ice, which can sometimes impart an off taste into the drink they are placed in. Perlick’s Clear Ice Makers only produce crystal clear ice, featuring a unique top hat shape that prevents clumping. Perlick ice lets your beverage shine just like what you’d receive at a fine bar or restaurant.

5. Rieslings to Cabernets – And Everything in Between

Bars and restaurants commonly offer a full wine list to guests. A generous mix of red and white vintages will accommodate the tastes of a wide customer base, and offers pairing options for menu items. When paired with different varieties of wine, foods can be experienced in vastly different ways because they’ll either complement or contrast different flavors in the dish. Storing and serving red and white wines at their appropriate temperatures is crucial for maintaining their flavor integrity. Perlick’s Signature Series Dual-Zone Wine Reserve allows the ability to store red and white wine at their appropriate temperature so that they are ready to serve when you’re ready to enjoy.    

Start planning your home bar by exploring our favorite products below. Cheers!

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