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    Add the convenience of refrigeration to any space with Perlick Undercounter Products

Design Solutions Undercounter

Featuring the most innovative under counter products in the industry, Perlick makes it easier than ever to add refrigeration to any room of the home. Enjoy ice cold beverages, brewery-fresh draft beer, the perfectly chilled face cream and more with Perlick’s award-winning portfolio of 15-, 24- and 48-inch undercounter standard and ADA-height refrigerators, beverage centers, wine reserves, beer dispensers and clear ice makers.


Maximize Your Space With Undercounter Refrigerators

undercounter refrigeratorWe’re all about maximizing your space with our award-winning undercounter refrigerators at Perlick. Whether they’re placed beneath your countertop or stacked in a modular column-style storage set, our undercounter refrigerators provide an effective and convenient refrigeration storage solution.

Our undercounter refrigerators are available in drawers or doors. Every Perlick refrigerator features our RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system, the leading refrigeration system in the industry.

Refrigerator sizes include 15-, 18- and 24-inch models. Our undercounter refrigerator dimensions are designed to match common counter sizes so your refrigerator fits seamlessly in your kitchen area. It’s our goal to provide you with a storage solution — not a storage dilemma.

You’ll find our 15-inch models offer storage for 66 cans, 24-inch models can hold 144 cans and Perlick’s industry exclusive 18-inch depth models can store 68 cans while saving space. All Perlick undercounter refrigerators are suitable for storing food and beverages.

Point-of-use storage is a concept many designers use when creating a kitchen with undercounter refrigerators. The idea behind point-of-use storage is to store products where they are used. An in-home bar, for example, may have an underbar refrigerator for easy access to beverages for mixing certain drinks.


Save Space With Undercounter Beverage Centers

underbar refrigerator for home barsSave space and maximize your counter space with our convenient undercounter beverage centers. These refrigeration centers are built into your cabinets or under your counter. Their design offers competitive and effective storage in a small footprint.

Our lineup of beverage centers include our industry leading RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system — it chills twice as fast as other refrigeration systems. Store wines, drinks and even food together with our 24” Signature Series Dual-Zone model.

You can select beverage centers in 15- and 24-inch sizes to meet your needs. Our smaller, 15-inch centers can hold eight wine bottles and 30 cans. Our larger, 24-inch models can store 16 wine bottles and 62 cans — a decent amount for a small storage space beneath your counter.

A favorite beverage center for designers is the Signature Series Sottile 18” Depth Indoor Beverage Center. This undercounter beverage refrigerator has a slim profile that offers greater flexibility in comparison to our 24-inch beverage centers, plus it doesn’t sacrifice storage space. The Sottile can hold 10 wine bottles and 41 12-ounce cans.


Organize Your Space With Undercounter Refrigeration Accessories

refrigerated drawers for indoor barUndercounter refrigeration accessories are an effective design solution for organizing and maximizing your appliance’s space.

Our Drawer Pan Tray includes three stainless steel pans and lids for undercounter refrigerators. They’re ideal for storing prepped ingredients, such as sliced vegetables or fruit for cocktails. Each pan can hold 1.8 quarts.

If you own a 24-inch refrigeration appliance, our stainless steel drawer dividers are easy to install. The dividers are constructed with commercial-quality 304 stainless steel, ensuring your food or drink stays put.

Choose from divider kits, shelves and more to maximize your refrigerator space.


Make Your Fridge a Perlick Undercounter Refrigerator

Undercounter refrigeration is what Perlick knows best. Take advantage of our 100 years of experience and tested engineering and design skills with our undercounter refrigeration design solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our design solutions for undercounter refrigeration or if you’d like more information about our undercounter refrigerator dimensions. Perlick showrooms are also available across the U.S. and Canada. If you’re interested in finding a showroom, search our network of dealer showrooms.








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