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Take summer entertaining to the next level with these outdoor bar design tips


Is your outdoor entertaining space ready for summer? Whether you’re looking to store a few cold beverages to enjoy poolside or have a full outdoor bar at the ready for evening cocktails, choosing the right outdoor refrigeration is essential for designing the perfect space to build an outdoor bar.

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Perfectly chilled spirits, fresh garnishes and a frosted glass are all keys to a great summer cocktail. Create the ultimate cocktail station with a Perlick Outdoor Freezer, an accessory Martini Rack and Bottle Display and 15-inch Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers.

Perlick offers more than 125 refrigerators designed for outdoor use. Our outdoor refrigeration is built to perform and includes commercial-grade features as well as the RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system — a Perlick exclusive.

Our RAPIDcool system is guaranteed to chill food and beverages to the perfect temperature twice as fast as other refrigeration systems. Keep your products cold throughout the year with our outdoor beverage refrigerators and freezers, even during those summer heat waves.

If you’re worried about defrosting — don’t be. Perlick’s outdoor freezers all include an automatic hot gas defrost feature, so it’s hassle-free.

Build an outdoor bar to last with Perlick. Our outdoor freezers include full three-year warranties, plus an additional three years on sealed systems.

Recipe to Try: Lemon & Basil Martini (from Food & Wine Magazine)


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There’s a science to pouring the perfect pint, especially outdoors. Perlick Outdoor Beer Dispensers are built to perform even when the temperature is above 100 degrees. With Perlick’s proprietary RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system, cold air circulates up through the tower to keep beer cold from keg to tap.

Choose your outdoor beer dispenser before you build your outdoor bar. Perlick’s 15-inch outdoor dispensers can pour 42 pints of craft beer, while the 24-inch model offers 84 crisp pints to enjoy.

Building your outdoor bar is easy with Perlick’s beer dispensers. Because they do not require any plumbing, they’re easy to set up and are self-contained with a portable drainer system.

Included in every Signature Series model beer dispenser is Perlick’s award-winning Flow Control Faucet. Flow Control Faucets feature a lever, which you raise or lower to pour a beer based on its carbonation. Hefeweizens, for example, are poured with the lever lowered, while standard lagers are poured with the lever up.

Each outdoor beer dispenser also includes:

  • Sturdy stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Black tap handle
  • Stainless steel door
  • Full three-year warranty with an additional three years for sealed systems

If you’re building an outdoor bar, build it with Perlick products. Our beer dispensers guarantee perfect pours of fresh, cold beers in conveniently sized models without setup hassles.

Brew to Try: Avery Brewing White Rascal (Witbier)


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Whether you prefer a sweet Riesling or bold Shiraz, a chilled glass of wine is always a favorite for summer entertaining. Hot weather can wreak havoc on wine, which is why Perlick takes extra measures to store and serve your favorite vintages properly.

Display your collection beautifully with outdoor glass door models for that extra ‘wow’ factor. Available in 15-inch, 24-inch single zone, 24-inch dual zone and industry exclusive 18-inch depth Wine Reserve models, Perlick is guaranteed to have an outdoor-use refrigerator perfect for your outdoor bar.

Beverage refrigerators with glass doors make it easy to take stock of your supply, but at Perlick, we understand you want your outdoor wine reserve to complement your bar’s unique style. So, we offer a variety of door types, including:

  • Solid stainless steel
  • Solid wood overlay
  • Stainless steel glass
  • Wood overlay glass

These options allow you to substitute doors for stainless steel or wood overlay drawers to match your home’s decor.

Wine reserves by Perlick feature full extension shelves with stainless steel ball-bearing glides. Shelves dipped in black vinyl pull in and out seamlessly, making it easy to stock and access wine from your wine reserve or any outdoor beverage refrigerator.

Our dual temperature zones will make wine lovers rejoice. You don’t have to build an outdoor bar with two wine reserves if you’re using Perlick products. Perlick’s 24-inch wine reserve models feature two separate temperature areas. Store your red and white wines together at their different, ideal temperatures, without sacrificing space.

Wine to Try: Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough


Crystal clear ice is essential for serving premium cocktails and beverages. Perlick’s 15-inch Clear Ice Maker produces 55 pounds of top hat-shaped ice cubes a day. The unique shape prevents ice from clumping and ensures that every cube is free of impurities.

UL-rated for indoor and outdoor use, Perlick’s two 15-inch ice maker models, the Signature Series and its ADA compliant counterpart, will have you pouring your drink on the rocks more often.

Perlick’s ice makers produce ice that’s free from contamination and fast-melting qualities. When you build an outdoor bar, you want to be able to appreciate it and relax with a drink that isn’t watered down after a few minutes. Perlick ensures you’ll have that relaxing experience with a cold, long-lasting drink.

Our ice makers also feature a durable, stainless steel aesthetic and are available in a panel-ready door option. A one-year full warranty is available on our 15-inch Signature Series Clear Ice Maker, as well.

Each of Perlick’s ice makers can store 22 pounds of ice, and they’ll produce 55 pounds every 24 hours. Your outdoor bar party can continue through the night, without you having to run to the store for a bag of ice.

Recipe to Try: Rum Julep

Build Your Outdoor Bar With Perlick

When you build your outdoor bar with Perlick, you’ll get an experienced manufacturer and designer of bar layouts equipped with appliances that perform, giving you the drink you deserve.

Perlick boasts the industry’s widest selection of UL-rated outdoor products, including 135 industry exclusive models you won’t find anywhere else. Customizable designs, from glass refrigerator doors to wood overlays for beer dispensers, are available so you can build an outdoor bar with matching appliances.

View the entire product line here, or contact us and start building your outdoor bar!




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