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Kitchens have evolved from being just a place we cook to a place we live. There are more ways than ever to customize kitchen designs to meet the exact needs of any family – included refrigeration. Gone are the days of relying solely on the upright refrigerator to keep everything cold. Designers are utilizing undercounter refrigeration in designated zones of the kitchen, with emphasis on both organization and convenience. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to create refrigerator zones in the kitchen:

  • Keep quick access items such as milk, juice and yogurt in refrigerator drawers for convenience.
  • Create a custom prep station complete with 24” Signature Series Dual-Zone Freezer/Refrigerator Drawers. Add accessory items such as a drawer pan organizer to store freshly chopped ingredients for a stir fry or pre-measured frozen fruit for your favorite smoothies.
  • Take beverages out of the main fridge and add a 24” Signature Series Beverage Center to the kitchen island. This frees up space in the upright refrigerator, and reduces traffic in the cooking area.
  • Bring your favorite coffee house home by adding 15” Signature Series Refrigerator Drawers to your coffee area. Keep milk, fresh cream and other beverages perfectly chilled to create your favorite hot or cold beverages at home.

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