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Inspired by Perlick’s award-winning offering of undercounter wine reserves, the Perlick Collection Column Single- and Dual-Zone Wine Reserves provide refrigerated storage solutions for wine in a popular, integrated design. Measuring 84” tall with storage for up to 94 bottles, column wine reserves are designed to protect your collection from the common enemies of wine.

enemies of touch screen imageTEMPERATURE: Wine is best stored at a consistent temperature. Exposure to too warm of temperature can push the cork out of the bottles, while too cold of a temperature paralyzes wine and ruins its natural development and taste. Perlick Wine Reserves maintain temperature within 1° to protect bottles from temperature swings.

HUMIDITY: Like temperature, consistent humidity is hugely important to proper maturation. Too dry of conditions can dry out the corks, while too wet of conditions can cause corks to mold and labels to peel. Perlick Wine Reserves feature smart humidity. Humidity is electronically monitored, and if necessary, pushes moisture into the air to maintain sommelier-recommended 60%-70% humidity at all times.

enemies of wine column imageVIBRATION: Wine is delicate and complex, continuing to develop flavors and aromas long after you bring it home to enjoy. Vibration can interfere with the biochemical process of maturation and ruin its flavor. Perlick Wine Reserves feature thick foamed-in-place walls to protect cabinet from vibrations, while soft-coat glide out shelving gently cradles each and every bottle.

LIGHT: Exposure to light prematurely ages wine, compromising flavor and quality. Wine becomes cloudy, and can give off strong odors and off flavors. Perlick Wine Reserves feature triple-pane tinted glass that is bronze-tinted and UV-resistant to protect your collection from harmful UV rays. LowE - and argon-filled, glass also provides exceptional insulation from ambient temperatures.

ODOR: Strong odors can affect the flavor of wine, which is why Perlick wine reserves feature soft-coat shelving with slate-black fronts instead of wood. Although wood is beautiful, it can affect moisture and air quality in wine coolers. Perlick takes the extra step to clean the air with natural carbon air filtration. Carbon absorbs damaging odors from the air for optimal air quality - a must for proper preservation and maturation.

Perlick column wine reserves also feature vibrant blue and white LED theatre lighting and all stainless steel interiors. Although their sleek design makes them perfect for the luxury homes, Perlick Wine Columns are also a favorite of the finest bars and restaurants across the US for front-of-the-house wine service. Learn more about Perlick Single- and Dual-Zone Wine Columns below or contact a dealer near you to experience the beauty and performance of a Perlick.

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