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92" Direct Draw Concessionaire Mobile Beverage Dispenser

Perlick Nitro Dispensing Kit, Dual Infuser

Perlick Nitro Dispensing Kit, Dual Infuser

Perlick Nitro Dispensing Kit, Single Infuser

  • Take your beverage to the next level by infusing it with nitrogen for a lasting cascading effect and a smooth, creamy, slightly sweet flavor
  • Beverages such as coffee, tea, beer, and others can be infused using the Perlick Nitro Dispensing Kit - elevate your beverage offering and increase profits by charging more for higher end beverages
  • Kit allows connection to a tower with up to 4 faucets allowing you to dispense more beverages to meet your customers’ needs
  • Pair with Perlick’s superior refrigeration for a durable and reliable dispensing system you can trust
  • Quick disconnects minimize labor and make it easy and efficient to change kegs

Model Number: 1030849

  • Nitrogen infuser connects to one keg
  • The Perlick Nitro Dispensing Kit includes infuser, hoses and connections, 6-way distributor, regulator assembly and air sleeve
  • Kit pairs with the following Perlick series refrigeration: BBR, BBRN, BBS, BBSN, DDC, and DDS
  • Requires pairing with tower that has 304 stainless steel shanks
  • Kegs with quick disconnects available in 2.5 gallons (CC2.5NAT) or 5 gallons (CC5NAT)
  • Recommended drainer: 67782
  • Nitrogen infused beverages dispense best from stout faucet: 63927
  • Nitrogen tank required for dispensing: 1013578
  • If serving more than one beverage, secondary regulators are required 
  • Select air baffle that coordinates with refrigeration series

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