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Beer Pump Panels

Beer Pump Panels

Beer Pump Panel Kit with FOBs, Single, with Keg Couplers

Beer Pump Panel Kit with FOBs, Single, with Keg Couplers

Beer Pump Panels

Beer Pump Panel, 4-Pump Panel

Model Number: 66134-4A

Beer Pump Panel Kits with FOBs - Each kit includes a Beer Pump Panel, factory-installed FOBs, shut-off device, air hose, beer connector(s), CO2 vent kit, and all the fittings necessary to connect the gas system and the product lines in the walk-in cooler. Exclusive backflush feature allows cleaning solution to be pumped from faucet to coupler.



  • Factory-installed FEX0208 FOBs come standard with a 304SS, 90-degree elbow, and 3/8" barbed tailpiece; Allows for easier routing of beer lines and a cleaner looking installation
  • Accessory tailpieces are available to directly connect 5/16" and 1/4" beverage lines, eliminating additional adapters, splices, and clamps
  • Panels are pre-drilled for mounting 2-way and 3-way Perlick manifolds
  • The panel size and layout of the components have been optimized for maximum accessibility to simplify installation
  • Locking and non-locking models available
  • Optional protective guard available

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