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Category: Beer Bar

From custom built towers to endless options in back bar refrigeration and underbar design, Perlick specializes in helping operators fulfill their vision of a truly unique experience for their customers.

8 Reasons to Choose a Perlick Beer System

March 1, 2016

Looking to build a profitable beer dispensing system? We know what you need, and we know profit is the bottom line.

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Perlick Forward Sealing Faucets. The most sanitary beer and wine faucets ever!

July 24, 2015

Perlick’s range of forward sealing faucets are the most sanitary beer and wine faucets on the market.

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Save Space and Add Selection with a Single Beer Dispensing Unit

June 25, 2015

Does your bar lack space and beer selection? In many cases, these commodities go hand-in-hand.

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