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A Sneak Peek At The Point Burger Bar

Lori Fredrich, Senior Writer

October 4, 2016
A Sneak Peek At The Point Burger Bar

A new upscale burger restaurant, Point Burger Bar, will open Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 10950 W. Good Hope Rd., near the U.S. Highway 45 interchange.

The project, headed up by local restaurateur Brian Ward, owner of Ward's House of Prime, was inspired by burger bars in Las Vegas, including Hubert Keller's Burger Bar and Gordon Ramsay's Burger at Planet Hollywood.

"You know fast casual is the trend right now in Vegas," says Ward. "And all these famous chefs are doing burger joints. During our trip, we went to like eight or nine different ones to see what they were doing. And along the way, you saw a lot of options for different buns, different proteins. And people love choices."

A licensing agreement with Stevens Point Brewery, a Wisconsin brewery with a history that dates back to 1857, lends both their name and their beer to the project. The agreement allows them to have a stake in the restaurant without bearing ownership (a proposition currently prohibited by state law). Other breweries, including Sprecher and Ale Asylum have also entered into similar agreements as an effort to spread awareness of their brews in areas outside of the vicinity of their breweries.

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