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Century Tech

Get Century Certified

The Century Training covers how to install Perlick beverage systems to Perlick specifications. This is a certification class intended to educate and develop Perlick’s network of beverage system installers. Attendees can include existing installer requiring training on Perlick’s beer systems, including new items such as ArcticPOUR, or installers looking to become certified on Perlick systems. Acceptance to attend this class must be approved by Kyle Massie as well as the Perlick representative. The cost is $275, which includes a test coupler and meals. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the Century System, including:

  • Types of beer systems and dispensing heads
  • Information about trunk housing and power paks
  • How to design and lay out a Century System
  • The components of the Century System
  • How to properly install the Century System
  • Troubleshooting potential problems

Questions? Contact Kyle Massie
 for more information on the Century System class.