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    Top Shelf Stainless Steel Underbar

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At Perlick, Custom Underbar Fabrication is a Specialty.

Perlick’s Top Shelf underbar equipment is the preferred choice of professional bartenders because they know a properly designed bar and reliable equipment allows them to be creative, efficient and most importantly, profitable. Top Shelf products reflect our true passion for design, craftsmanship and innovation. Whether the shape of your bar is straight, curved, round or square; your Perlick’s custom underbar will be expertly fabricated to exacting tolerances to ensure a perfect fit.

Modular Bar & Components

If your project is new construction or a complete remodel and there is no existing bar, then Modular Bar is your ultimate factory assembled solution to save both time and money

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Storage & Drainboards

Perlick offers glass storage and drainboard options to accommodate any bar configuration.  

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Service Stations

Perlick Pass-Thru Service Stations and Cocktail Service Stations are customizable to accommodate any bar configuration.

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Ice Chests

Perlick offers a variety of Ice Chest sizes, with or without a cold plate, to accommodate any bar layout.   

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Sinks & Faucets

Perlick has the right Stainless Steel Sink and faucet combination for any bar design.

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Perlick underbar accessories help to maximize utility and functionality in any bar.

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