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Keg Coolers/Step In

Perlick’s Step-in Keg Coolers are designed especially for draft beer storage. Available in two sizes, four or 10 keg capacities, these self-contained refrigeration keg coolers are compact, require minimum space and feature “cam lock” construction for quick and easy installation.

Commercial Keg Coolers

We offer two types of commercial keg coolers — a four-keg cooler and a 10-keg cooler:

  1. 4-Keg Cooler: Our four-beer keg cooler holds four kegs. It’s 47 inches deep and long and 77 inches tall.
  2. 10-Keg Cooler: Our 10-keg cooler’s dimensions include a height of 79 inches, a depth of 47 inches and a length of 93 inches. The cooler holds 10 kegs.

As their only major difference in their size, both the four- and 10-keg models share many of the same features:

  • Each includes a “cam-lock” construction. Cam locks are fasteners that hold cabinets or beer keg coolers together without sacrificing safety and security. They make it easy, fast and simple to assemble and install keg coolers. Plus, they aren’t visible on the exterior.
  • Both exteriors use galvanized steel. The roof, walls and flooring are all made of grey stucco galvanized steel. The interior floor uses G90 galvanized steel, however, and is reinforced with plywood.
  • The coolers are both insulated. Four inches of urethane foam is used to help the beer keg coolers stay cold. The insulation’s flame spread rating is 25 or less, while it’s smoke develop rating is 450 or less.
  • Both doors feature automatic closers. Automatic door closers, as well as durable cam-lift chrome hinges and a chrome pull handle, are included with the kegerator equipment. A power indicator light is also featured on the flush-mounted door. The door measures 30 inches wide and 55 inches high.
  • Each has a light switch. Light switches and fixtures are installed on the evaporator for easy access. The light bulbs include a guard to prevent damage and are located above the thermostat.
  • The coolers both require plumbing. A 20-inch-long drain line is provided to set up an access route for the evaporator condensate to drain. It also prevents the growth of mold and maintains your beer keg cooler’s overall quality.

We offer a small selection of keg refrigerators because the two keg coolers typically meet the needs of breweries and bar owners.

Kegerator Equipment

Optional accessories for kegerator equipment include floor racks and keg shelves. Both are compatible with our two commercial-grade keg cooler models.

Keg shelving must be durable because beer kegs often weigh around 165 pounds. Shelving lengths can vary from 42 to 93 inches. It’s important to distribute the weight of the kegs so that the rack is stable, safe and secure.

Floor racks act as a preventative measure against drainage or leaking issues. If a keg leaks while using floor racks, your cleanup will only be directed toward the floor and not the other nine kegs.

Step-Up Your Draft Beer Storage With Perlick

Serve fresh, cold beers to your regulars with Perlick’s commercial keg coolers. We’re a national manufacturing leader in commercial bar and beverage systems with more than 100 years of experience. Our goal has always been to develop and manufacture products and appliances that are durable, reliable and maximize their energy use for your monetary benefit.

Ready to learn more about our commercial-grade keg coolers? Contact us today by phone or email to speak with one of our experienced team members. Find a representative through our online search if you’d like to meet and discuss your bar or brewery’s needs.

Products available

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Keg Coolers/Step In - 4 Kegs

47" long, 47" deep, 77" high

Four keg capacity, self contained refrigeration. 

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Keg Coolers/Step In -10 Kegs

93" long, 47" deep, 79" high

Ten keg capacity, self contained refrigeration. 

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