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    Wine Column Refrigeration

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Wine Column Refrigeration

Don't let limited square footage limit your wine list. By expanding up, you'll have plenty of space to create an impressive offering of fine vintages. Perlick's space efficient, climate controlled column refrigeration for wine takes advantage of available vertical space.

High capacity — Small footprint

1. Single/Dual Zone

  • Single Zone – 94 Bottles (99 Bottles if you double stack the display shelf
  • Dual Zone – 86 Bottles Total (91 Bottles if you double stack the display shelf)
    • Top Zone: 6 shelves/48 bottles
    • Bottom Zone: 4 shelves/32 bottles plus display shelf
      • Display shelf flat, single row – 6
      • Display shelf flat, double stacked – 11

2. Door Finishing Options

Customize your column refrigerator with Perlick-exclusive finishes, including:

  • Stainless steel with full length, heavy-duty handle. (optional)
  • Field-installed wood overlay with handle provided by customer.
  • Base model does not include door overlay. (optional) 

3. Smart Controls

PerliQ a state-of-the-art digital touch screen provides the ability to precisely control temperature and humidity, lighting, and other functions. And with a cabinet designed with sensors to monitor humidity levels, your refrigerator will automatically make sure levels are as they should be. Auto alarms alert user to temperatures that exceed high or low setting or open door.  

4. Convertible Shelving

Shelves are black polymer dipped to provide vibration protection and protect labels from abrasion.

Perlick column refrigeration offers two different options of display:

  • Display Mode: Displays 6 full-size bottles in front with space for 4 dessert (half-size) wine bottles in the back.
  • Standard Mode: Stores 11 wine bottles, maximizing storage capacity.

5. Lighting

Vibrant Blue and White LED Lighting is abundant throughout each cabinet, providing clear view of products. Change the lighting from white to blue with the press of a button. Plus, blue softly rolls to white when the door is opened. Independent settings for open and closed door lighting. Lighting brightness control displays intensity settings in 20% increments (20-40-60-80-100%).

6. Temperature Ranges

Perlick column refrigeration features your choice of temperature settings, based on your refrigerator's expected use and product storage.

  • Red Wine Temperature Range: 40°-68°F (Factory Setting 60°F)
  • White Wine Temperature Range: 40°-68°F (Factory Setting 50°F)
  • Cellar Mode (40°-68°F, Factory Setting 55°F) will bring the entire cabinet to set temperature. Red and White modes control separate zones.



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Wine Column Refrigeration

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