Glass Chiller

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About this product

2-foot (FR24), 3-foot (FR36), 4-foot (FR48), 5-foot (FR60)

At Perlick, we know cool. And nothing is cooler than a cold one from a glass chiller. Keep your beers cold, fresh and crisp with Perlick’s glass chillers for bars.

Performance is Perlick’s tagline, which is why all our mug chillers are designed to perform. Their high-efficiency refrigeration system chills from top to bottom, maintaining temperatures below zero.
Perlick’s Glass Chiller is made from stainless steel and features two-inch foamed walls for strength. The insulating walls also save on energy costs.

Our chillers are available in two-, three-, four- and five-feet models as well as a variety of finishes for the front and sides — from black to an all stainless steel finish.

Automatic defrost cycles are also included in your bar’s mug, plate or glass chiller. You can set your preset start and end times for the mug chiller to defrost based on your desired temperature. A push-button overnight defrost cycle that shuts down the compressor and automatically turns it on six hours later is also featured in Perlick’s glass chillers.

All Perlick plate, glass and mug chillers include a five-year compressor warranty and a labor warranty of one year. Plus, they’re UL-rated for safety standards in the U.S. and Canada. They’re certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Mug Chiller Accessories

We build our accessories so they last. Our products are created with quality materials like stainless steel.

Perlick offers a variety of accessories for our line of glass chillers for bars. Favorite accessories for Perlick glass chillers include:

  • Speed rails for easy storage of beers
  • Nesting shelves for quick access to salad plates
  • NSF-listed thermometer for fast temperature monitoring

Keep It Cool With Perlick’s Glass Chillers

Perlick’s glass chillers are commercial grade and a bar’s best friend. They are the go-to refrigeration and storage cabinet for bars across the world.

We draw from our 100 years of experience in creating performance products for the bar and restaurant industry. Our glass and mug chillers are built to last and help to keep your drinks cool until they’re gone.

Want to learn more about keeping your beer cool in a glass chiller? Contact us or fill our one of our product information forms.

NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard #7

UL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards