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Flat Top Bottle Coolers

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About this product

2-foot (BC24), 3-foot (BC36), 4-foot (BC48), 5-foot (BC60), 6-foot (BC72), 8-foot (BC96)

Commercial bottle coolers are the best way to keep bottled beer cold and fresh. Open a cold one with one of Perlick’s commercial beer coolers and let your customers enjoy.

Perlick’s Flat Top Bottle Coolers are available in two-, three-, four-, five-, six- and eight-feet sizes, as well as a standard or low-temperature model. Low-temperature models maintain a temperature of 30 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping your beer cold.

Water, energy and soft drinks are not recommended for low-temperature models, but alcoholic beverages are ideal for low-temperature storage.

“Efficiency” best describes Perlick’s Flat Top Bottle Coolers. Our commercial beer coolers provide more than a 30 percent increase in insulating R-value and offer a 12 percent reduction in heat gain, keeping your beers cold to the touch. They also give a fresh, crisp taste your customers will remember and keep them coming back for more.

Perlick’s beer bottle coolers feature compact compressor compartments, which offer more interior capacity than other flat top coolers. Customize the exteriors of our bottle coolers to match the atmosphere of your facility with select finishes, like a stainless steel front and sides or black finish.

Flat Top Bottle Coolers from Perlick feature plug-in installations. You don’t have to worry about plumbing with Perlick bottle coolers because the condensation evaporates.

All commercial beer coolers from Perlick include a five-year compressor warranty, plus a one-year labor warranty. Perlick bottle coolers are also certified by both the National Sanitation Foundation’s (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) Standard Seven. Plus, the coolers are UL-listed for Canada and the U.S.

Flat Top Bottle Coolers Accessories

Perlick offers a wide selection of accessories to build your commercial beer cooler into the chilling machine you want. Recommended accessories include:

  • Locks for safety and security
  • Full-length speed rails for easy access to beverage
  • Bottle opener and cap receiver for quick delivery of beverages
  • NSF-listed thermometer for fast and reliable temperature monitoring

Perlick accessories are made with the finest craftsmanship and quality materials to ensure they last and deliver the results you want. 

Go Cool With Perlick Bottle Coolers

After 100 years, Perlick is still about creating quality, performance-based products. Our commercial beer coolers are reliable thanks to their high-efficiency refrigeration systems. They’re also durable because of their stainless steel interior, top and sliding cover.

Choose a standard or low-temperature model from Perlick today by contacting us or completing our Flat Top Bottle Coolers information form on this page.

NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard #7

NSF Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard #7

UL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards

UL Listed to US and Canadian safety standards

Low Temp Models Available - Holds product at 30°F.

Low Temp Models Available - Holds product at 30°F.

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