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    A Bartenders Best Friend From the Industry Leader in Bar Equipment.

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Perlick Glass washers increase efficiency and profitability by enabling bartenders to spend more time making drinks instead of washing glasses by hand. Ease of operation and proven reliability make Perlick glass washers the right choice for any bar operation.

Batch Rotary

With the Batch Rotary Glasswasher glassware is washed, sanitized and rinsed in removable racks that move glasses in batches, saving handling time and avoiding broken glasses.

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Door Style with/without Heater

Perlick offers two variations of PKD24 Undercounter Door Style Glasswashers; one with a built-in Hot Water Assurance System (heater) and one without a heater

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High-Temperature Door Style

Higher temperatures mean cleaner glasses. The Perlick PKHT24 High Temperature Commercial Glasswasher sanitizes glasses with 180°F heat for sparkling clean glassware with no chemical flavor or residue ...

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The Carousel Style Rotary Glasswasher cleans and sanitizes up to 1,000 glasses per hour and provides convenient, built-in storage for chemicals.

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