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PP Series Power Paks for Poly Coolant Lines

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About this product

28"L x 21-3/4"D x 16-3/4" H

Furnished with a self-priming 70-gallon per hour glycol pump and galvanized exterior. Comes with a 6-foot cord. Only available with a single pump and air-cooled condensing unit.

NOTE: A single 70 gph, 80 psigpump is only capable of a trunk length of approximately 275 ft. when using Perlickpre-mixed propylene glycol (63299-1) and Perlickpoly coolant trunk housing which incorporates 1/2” O.D. (3/8” I.D.) poly coolant lines.

NOTE: Glycol is NOT included. Order one gallon for power pakbath and one gallon for every 85 ft. of trunk housing. Part #63299-1 PP Series power paksused only with poly coolant line trunk housing.