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    Maximize Efficiency and beer quality by using Perlick.

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Beverage Dispensing Components

Our beer systems are custom designed and engineered using top quality components, including Perlick Exclusive items, which work in harmony  to deliver a consistently perfect glass of beer every time.

Power Paks

The power pak is the heart of your beer system. That’s why we’ve designed ours to be easy to use and maintain.

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Pressure Source

We follow a detailed process to determine the correct pressure source and settings for each system we build-before it leaves our factory. You can expect a system that performs flawlessly. No surprises...

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Perlick Trunk Housings - Nothing Beats Copper

We’re the only manufacturer that vapor seals the beverage lines in direct contact with pure copper coolant lines to ensure your beer stays at its optimal temperature all the way to the tap.

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Glycol Cooled Dispensing Towers

Only Perlick offers insulated cold block technology with heat exchangers foamed in place to keep beer cold all the way to the faucet, and eliminate sweating and foaming.

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Air Cooled Dispensing Towers

Perlick offers several standard offerings of Air-cooled Dispensings Towers with accompanying drip pans and rinsers to meet any dispensing need.

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Perlick Forward Sealing Faucets - the Most Sanitary Faucets Available.

Perlick's patented forward sealing beer and wine faucets are the most faucets available.

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Tapping Hardware/Components

Perlick proudly manufactures a wide variety of tapping products for the beverage dispensing industry.

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Glass Rinser With Drip Pans

Perlick offers a variety of rinser/drainer options - Select the one that's perfect for your operation and treat customers to a perfect pour every time.

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