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    Ready to serve custom cocktail bars.

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With Cocktail Bars, the difference is in the details.

The best cocktail bars are built with efficiency in mind. An efficient bar layout enables the bartender to be more productive by keeping everything within easy reach to limit wasted motion and avoid muscle strain. An efficient bar layout also provides ample storage for cocktail ingredients, ice and glassware. 

Perlick has decades of experience when it comes to laying out custom bars. Let us help you with your next project. We’ll create a bar package and layout that is sure to maximize productivity and return on investment.

Refrigeration & Storage Cabinets

Perlick offers the industry's only low-temperature refrigerated drawers, with NSF rating for open food storage, which was designed specifically for refrigerating craft cocktail incredients.

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Whether the shape of your bar is straight, curved, round or square; your Perlick’s custom underbar will be expertly fabricated to exacting tolerances to ensure a perfect fit.

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Glass Washing

Ease of operation and proven reliability make Perlick glass washers the right choice for any bar operation.

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